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TECHNEDs is a UK technology investment firm that provides expert coaching and guidance to help businesses succeed. TECHNEDs are always looking for technology firms to fast-track into profit, growth and prosperity. Either through private investment funding or sharing their expertise and knowledge, TECHNEDs can offer strategic, technical and or financial support. Its culture is that of leadership and guidance and TECHNEDs are looking to invest in UK based companies in the technology sector, with a turnover from £1m -£10m.


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Meet The Team

Our team has a wealth of success and experience in the technology sector to ensure your business and its
people thrive and succeed.

Simon Mewett

Founder & Managing Partner

Simon is a strategic thinker, a leader culturally and an ambassador. He exudes relentless drive and passion for people and technology, and relishes challenge, all of which translates into a fast paced decision maker who adds real value to any business.Simon is an experienced CEO and Board Executive with over 25 years’ experience within the technology sector.

He has a proven track record in the field of Cloud, Telecommunications, Data Centres and Network connectivity, and achieved aggressive growth on the board of several Technology companies including Internet Network Services, Easy Group and C4L. He has an extensive and demonstrable track record in multiple acquisitions and business transactions in his career to date.

Ed Crane


Ed is an experienced executive director who has worked in the technology sector for over 18 years. He has a proven track record in both sales and operations, and his experience ranges from small start-ups to large corporations. Some of his key achievements include closing a $37m sales pipeline for Symantec’s consulting division, co-founding and merging a small start-up into an existing business, and as a director of 4sl, contributing enormously to the company’s rapid growth. This resulted in achieving two consecutive years of recognition in the Sunday Times Top Tech 100 fastest growing private companies.

Ed is a strategic thinker, an entrepreneur, and a believer in leveraging the power of focused teams to achieve outstanding results.

Iain McKenzie

Senior Partner

Iain has had a 30 year career in technology encompassing both.

Corporate life and his own businesses. Iain has established significant credibility and a strong network in the Technology and related sectors over many years and holds both business qualifications (MBA from London Business School) and Finance qualifications as an FCMA, and has therefore, a unique set of skills to bring to TECHNEDs.

As part of the sale of Mettoni Group Ltd to Enghouse, Iain assumed the position of President EMEA and Asia, from 2010 to 2015, growing revenues from $30m to over $110m including heading up and subsequently integrating a number of cross border acquisitions.

Company Timeline

TECHNEDs is a UK technology investment firm that provides expert coaching and guidance to help businesses succeed.

Company Founded


TECHNEDs was founded in 2016, Incorporation TECHNEDs Ltd 9th November.


The Beginnings


Andrew Maddocks appointed 10th November 2017
Edward Crane Appointed 10th November 2017
ITO joined 30th October 2017
ITSB joined 31st January 2017
Tricca joined 10th December 2017


A Great Year


Incorporation of TECHNEDs Investments LLP 9th July 2018
Andrew Maddocks appointed 9th July 2018
Edward Crane Appointed 9th July 2018
Iain McKenzie Appointed 9th July 2018
Phoenix47 joined 5th June 2018
Guardian joined 13th March 2018
Re Tell joined 30th August 2018
MME Joined 15th May 2018
Synthesis joined April 19th 2018
CCT joined 10th October 2018
Quad Vision joined 31st Oct 2018


Solid Growth


Iain McKenzie Appointed 14th January 2019
ITSB acquisition of AMTEK 1st may 2019
Guardian acquired by Phoenix47 22 October 2019
CXS Joined 19th March 2019
Synthesis MBO from TECHNEDs Ltd 1st April 2019
Re-Tell MBO from TECHNEDS Investment LLP 3rd May 2019


Year Of The Pandemic


CCT MBO from TECHNEDS Investments LLP 9th March 2020
Tricca MBO from TECHNEDs Ltd 13th May 2020
ITSB and Quad Vision Merger 31-10-2020
O1T Acquisition 21-10-2020
CXS and 01T merger 21-10-2020
Phoenix47 acquired FOTS 25th August 2020


Impressive Growth


All Investments hitting growth targets / Nov 21 –

Acquisition of Data Integration, Merged with ITSB & QV to become VIZST TECHNOLOGY LTD



Our team has a wealth of success and experience in the technology sector to ensure your business and its people thrive and succeed.


Expert coaching and guidance to help entrepreneurs succeed


Helping to fast track technology companies into profit, growth and prosperity


A team of experts in strategy, technology and operations


Strategic support, private equity funding and expertise for technology companies

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