Year Founded : 2006

Who are Quad Vision?

Quad Vision Ltd is a highly respected specialist within the field of advanced visual display systems. We supply to some of the world’s leading brands and provide expertise in delivering visual display platforms and workplace solutions that offer simplicity and capability.

Visual Display Systems

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Company Timeline

Check out a detailed timeline of our decade long history below…

The Beginning


In this year Quadvision was officially founded and became a registered company.


Video Wall


Entered the Video Wall market


Digital Signage


Added Digital Signage to portfolio




In 2018 Quadvision partnered with TECHNEDs Investments LLP




In 2020 we merged with ITSB




TECHNEDs acquisition of Data Integration, Merged with ITSB & QV to become VIZST TECHNOLOGY LTD.

Sanjay Saini
Managing Director of Quad Vision

Simon Mewett
Founder & Managing Partner TECHNEDs

An interview with the former Managing Director of Quad Vision, hosted by Simon Mewett from TECHNEDs.

We sat down with Sanjay, to find out about his journey with Quad Vision.

SM: What does a great work environment look like to you?

SS: My work ethic is always about being customer focused so you do the best for the customer by being honourable. When I look at our values integrity has always been number one. We care about our customers and I think that’s why we retain long business relationships.

SM: What’s your favourite hobby?

SS: Dancing. There is a certain feeling of freedom. The thing about dancing is that it’s a combination of things like a language. When in flow, it is like speaking with somebody and they speaking back in the language you both understand and when it does work it’s something that really flows effortlessly.

SM: What career did you want to pursue when you were at college?

SS:  Originally I wanted to become an engineer, I was really interested in engineering and it’s something I have ability in. I was more competent with electronics and technology rather than medical engineering.

SM: Do you still tinker with engineering?

SS: I do, but not to the point of extreme complexity. I’m the type of person who actually enjoys learning and build things. Although I do not have the time to consider it a full time hobby.

SM: What do you think is the key to professional success?

SS:  Personally I think you’ve got to have a positive attitude and draw on the ability to develop what you know. However you’ve also got to have a clear interest to retain drive. I often ask myself, “what have I created?”, “what has been my contribution?” so that’s what I would consider as a basis for professional success for me.

SM: Just expanding on that a little, which achievement are you most proud of within your professional career?

SS: In looking back over the past, when I finished university, I was involved in research work in fibre optics. I’m very, very proud of that period because of what we did. The people I worked with and how we worked as a team made a huge impact and important lesson that I’ve taken through my working life. I’m proud to have built Quadvision from inception to where we are today and all the challenges that occur each day. It’s an opportunity to problem solve everyday.  




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