Year Founded : 2010

Who are Phoenix47?

Phoenix47 is an ITC services company that support channel partners and vendors providing white labelled resources and services. With a large network of consultants we have a unique approach, sharing our vast industry knowledge and expertise that drive operational efficiency of software applications and IT infrastructure. Areas of speciality are Cloud Strategy, IT Security, Datacentres, Applications and Networks

IT Infrastrucure Consultancy

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Company Timeline

Check out a detailed timeline of our decade long history below…

Company Founded

Company founded, operated as a contracting company for chosen individuals to charge their time to clients.


New Management

A new management team were brought in with a vision of becoming the leading vendor and channel service provider in the market.


Partnership with TECHNEDs begins!

This year saw us partnering with technology investor TECHNEDs, to support and grow the business.


Enterprise Partner Number 7!

Signed up our 7th Enterprise partner


First Aquisition

Completed our 1st acquisition with the purchase of Guardian Technologies, a provider of niche security consulting services.


Second Acquisition

Completed our 2nd acquisition with the purchase of First Option Technical Support, a channel focused provider of white labelled support services.


Growth & Investment


Increased Partner base by 20%

Appointed industry-leading sales director

YOY revenue increase exceeding 75%

Increased investment in office facilities

Ed Crane
CEO Phoenix47

Simon Mewett
Founder & Managing Partner TECHNEDs

An interview with the Managing Director of Phoenix47, hosted by Simon Mewett from TECHNEDs.

We sat down with Ed from Phoenix47 to find out about his journey with the business.

SM: how would you describe the cultural identity at Phoenix47?

EC: We’re a sales focused, driven team with really good respect for each other. Everyone who joins P47 has to be a good person and have the right personality, this is an absolute must and provides the building blocks in which their skills can develop. In addition, we’re very customer focused, always looking to do the right thing for them as priority.

SM: So did you do you know what profession you would like to go into when you were at college or university?

EC: I wasn’t involved in anything IT related at University, I was in construction management training to be a building surveyor,  it took me a little time to work out what I wanted to actually do.

SM: What’s the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned from your time at P47?

EC: Its all about the people, and focusing on the number,  if you have the best people, they will undoubtedly improve you, and if you take your focus away from the number, you’ll certainly go backwoods (sorry that was 2 lessons).

SM: Which professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

EC: I’m not sure I can pin it down to one, I’m just happy to see P47 continue to grow and flourish

SM: What is your favourite thing about your career or industry?

EC: The ability to create something, services business in IT are great, you don’t need a huge amount of investment like you would if you were opening a manufacturing plant, you can build them using hard work and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

SM: What do you think is the key to professional success?

EC: Being able to get on well with people, in this industry it’s all about people, if you have the flexibility and are able to work well with people at different levels then you can become successful professionally.

SM: What do you hope to accomplish in your company?

EC: We have a 3-year goal (which we’re on track to deliver),  provided we keep that progress up I will be happy

SM: What do you do in your spare time to switch off?

EC: I spend a lot of time looking for potential interesting property projects and also watching football



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