TECHNEDs today announced the acquisition of Amtek IT for ITSB, the fast-expanding Dorset based IT company. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of May 2019.

TECHNEDs is a specialist in the integration of technology businesses and this acquisition will accelerate ITSB’s managed IT business, which TECHNEDs has positioned as a growth engine in its three-year business plan. The strategy for ITSB is to promote a shift towards unified voice and data managed service for businesses that want to utilise easy to deploy technology which results in the simple support for safe, secure, efficient and integrated technology. TECHNEDs has a successful track record of executing strategic M&A which has broadened the service offering of ITSB in a number of key verticals.


Simon Mewett, Managing Partner, TECHNEDs LLP

“This is another successful moment for ITSB. With Amtek IT becoming a part of the business. It will boost the strategic expansion of ITSB. In developing leading support services for an ever-growing list of technologies, ITSB is a local organisation with strong nationwide capabilities,”

“ITSB is a well-renowned manged IT support business and like them, Amtek IT has strong history when it comes to supporting businesses with their technology requirements. ITSB focuses on leading the way with customer experience and we are proud to bring these two companies together and look forward to achieving new common goals and providing enhanced solutions for our customers.”

ITSB provides software and IT services throughout Dorset and the UK. Growth from their monthly managed IT services has been boosting the business revenues year on year as their expertise and portfolio have gone from strength to strength. Specifically, ITSB has a strong customer base among Dorset based businesses with an experienced engineering team, a wide variety of software and high-quality infrastructure to support businesses of all sizes.


Lee Dredge, CEO at ITSB
“This acquisition of Amtek IT’s into our company demonstrates our commitment to boosting the quality of managed IT services for Dorset businesses. Through this acquisition we will acquire a strong and loyal team. Our new customers will benefit as they now have access to a wider range of supported technology and software, keeping their IT safe & secure”

ITSB will continue to promote the development of its core support technologies and innovative IT solutions, while acquiring new businesses, delivery resources, through M&A and partnerships, in order to further expand and deliver an outstanding, comprehensive, managed IT experience for its customers.