TECHNEDs is pleased to announce today a strategic investment in Measure My Energy that will utilise TECHNEDs’ expertise and planning in the field of emerging technologies.

Together, TECHNEDs and Measure My Energy will explore new commercial strategies to disrupt the manner in which businesses can understand their utilities expenditure. “We are very excited to have Measure My Energy as part of the TECHNEDs family. The field of energy monitoring presents significant opportunities for companies like Measure My Energy to enhance their focus on innovation and bring emerging technologies to market.” said Simon Mewett, CEO, TECHNEDs. “We also believe that by bringing our experience will lead to many opportunities for MME to partner with clients in new markets whilst continuing at pace with technology innovation.”

“We are delighted to be joining the TECHNEDs family. This leading Technology Investment Firm offers us significantly improved access to our addressable markets” said Ben Murphy, CEO, Measure My Energy. “TECHNEDs’ extensive experience and expertise in the technology space will help us drive the leadership required to further optimise our business and provide significant benefits to our customers. We look forward to working with them and building a very strong partnership and further developing our innovation strategy”

This latest partnership ties in closely with TECHNEDs growing technology portfolio. Originally founded in 2016, the firm has successfully invested in 7 companies in the Technology Sector since that time. TECHNEDs continues to strategically make investments broadly across the Technology Sector with a strong focus on service quality and innovative technologies.