[Picture: Richard Herman, Founder ReTell with Ed Crane, Partner TECHNEDs]

Investing in ReTell with the mission to challenge how call recording is used, managed and secured.

TECHNEDs LLP, a leading technology investment firm, announced that it has entered into a new investment partnership with ReTell, the company that’s been developing call recording solutions for over 30 years. ReTell works with integrators and retains a strong partner channel serving multiple markets to deliver their range of call recording solutions. ReTell’s software handle s millions of recorded calls each day providing reliable call recording for SIP, ISDN and PSTN lines. ReTell become the 9th company to join the TECHNEDs family of technology companies.

Ed Crane, TECHNEDs LLP Partner commented

“TECHNEDs is an experienced growth investor that has an established track record within in the call recording space. By leveraging our experience and industry knowledge, we’re confident that ReTell can continue to scale to reach the next level of success.  We’re thrilled that the new management team, shares our vision for re-imagining call recording solutions, with a solid product roadmap we’re eager to publicly share our plans in working with ReTell as we accelerate our momentum.”

Neville Bird, Interim Managing Director said

“The £120 million pound UK market for fixed and mobile call recording continues to grow. As digital transformation takes hold in all sectors, there is an enormous opportunity to service clients with call recording solutions supporting multiple channels and devices. Current call recording product and service offerings are quite often no longer fit for purpose. Where advances in communication channels has superseded legacy technology, the call recording market needs to keep pace. The investment from TECHNEDs will transform our business and product offerings, and we are delighted to be part of the TECHNEDs family”