Already supporting leading brands, TECHNEDs will work with CXS’s superior network and powerful cloud platform to expand the secure, scalable and near-real-time big data solution for UK & global businesses.

TECHNEDs, the leading technology investment firm, today announced a partnership with the innovative data infrastructure company CXS. The strategic investment brings TECHNEDs expertise to advise on the expansion of the ISP’s network, cloud platforms and security offerings, with the ambition to create growth of the powerful, near-real-time data solutions CXS provide.

Simon Mewett, Managing Partner TECHNEDs LLP commented:

“Our investment empowers CXS to improve speed of innovation and enhance business decision-making, leveraging ideas to maximise product performance and deliver exceptional end-user experiences. We are delighted to bring on board our first infrastructure business and work has begun on strategic development of their business plan which is built on an already solid foundation of success. Using our knowledge to influence significant business growth and to create a prosperous partnership was a key driver in the decision to invest in CXS”

Currently, businesses in the UK are processing billions of gigabytes of data daily, and with the continued rollout of more internet-connected devices, this number is only set to increase. To maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world, businesses need tools to organise, analyse, and act on insights gathered from this vast amount of data as well as a solid, secure owned network.

Tobias Hooton, CEO of CXS Said:

“With growing data demands it’s critical that we keep ahead of the needs of business networks and in working with TECHNEDs we have the opportunity to fast-track our technology led development as well as increasing the number of prestige clients supported on the CXS owned data centre and cloud networks.

It’s no longer good enough for companies to have a single connection to simply send traffic from A to B. Unlike traditional ISP solutions, CXS own and manage the entire network including the edge, allowing us to monitor end user service performance and drive innovation through network intelligence leveraging the latest technologies”

The partnership between TECHNEDs and CXS takes these capabilities a step further to enable top brands to instantly identify trends and patterns at scale to make immediate, impactful business decisions informed by big data utilising the CXS network.

CXS is trusted by brands such as TIF Group, Audley Travel, Vauxhall, Capita, Imperial College London, Calor Gas, Bupa and hundreds more across Legal, Financial, Insurance and Industrial sectors.