TECHNEDs announced today that Synthesis has completed a successful management buyout.

“As an early investor in Synthesis, we are very pleased for Tim to have completed this buyout. The experience gained in working with TECHNEDs has set Synthesis on a course for success” said Simon Mewett, Managing Partner at TECHNEDs LLP. “TECHNEDs strategy is to focus on investing in companies to improve their performance in the technology space where we offer innovative support and facilitate improved sales performance and outcomes for our ever expanding group of businesses. We are pleased that our participation in assisting Synthesis with their growth and development has reached a positive outcome.”

With a successful track record, Synthesis have developed their tech focussed digital transformation which is now capable of handling a personalised service to telecoms, IT and energy providers. The transaction comes as the business seeks to change direction and build on the growth that began with the initial engagement from TECHNEDs in April 2018.

“This transaction is the culmination of a year of planning and execution of our strategy whilst working with TECHNEDs and I’m grateful to Simon and the team as committed investors who came together and made this a reality,” according to Tim Loveday, MD of Synthesis Consulting. “We are excited to have completed this phase of our growth strategy and pleased to have the opportunity to work with TECHNEDs who have helped us develop our unique value proposition.”

The MBO has been now been finalised and provides a fresh platform for Synthesis to develop its strategy utilising the lessons learned under the tutelage of TECHNEDs LLP and working with their group of companies.

“Our investment was driven by a combination of the tremendous opportunity in supporting Tim with his business plans and helping him shape the business he wanted to develop. We have every confidence he’ll continue to progress albeit on a different path,” said Simon Mewett “We wish Tim well and are proud to have been part of their growth story.”